woensdag 25 januari 2017

10 most essential plants in the garden

A member of the gardening group I'm a member of on Facebook asked the question "Which plants are essential for your garden?"

And that made me think.
I think there are 10 plants that no garden can do without.

First of all: Roses

Every garden needs at least one rose. A rose is the most essential plant in the garden, the queen of plants and flowers, the centre of attention, and I can't think of any flower that matches her beauty.

2: Hydrangea
 Whether you prefer the neat look of a row of Annabelles or the nostalgic look of an ordinary blue-ish, purple-ish, pink-ish hydrangea, I think no garden can do without these beauties.

3. A tree
 Preferably a fruit bearing tree. Blossoms in spring, watching the fruits grow during summer, enjoying pies, muffins, marmalade etc. during fall. I think even the smallest garden has room for at least a little apple tree. Also, the vertical shape of a tree gives the garden a three-dimensional look. And don't forget, a tree provides shade on a warm day, and a place for the birds to stay. 

4. Foxgloves
 Like the above mentioned tree, foxgloves add vertical shapes to the garden. They make the garden look less flat. Also, they attract bees, bumblebees and other insects. And of course they're simply beautiful. Very easy plants too. If there's one on a spot you don't want it, just dig out the shallow roots, move the plant to a more appropriate place in the garden (sunny, shady, the plant doesn't mind - it's originally a forest plant), make sure to water it daily and it will continue happily on it's new spot. Just keep in mind all parts of this plant are poisonous, so wear gloves or wash hands.


5. Composite flowers
 Ask a child to draw a flower and it will draw you a composite flower. It's the most basic form of flowers and therefore I think it should be in every garden. There's enough to choose from: daisies, asters, coneflowers, sunflowers, even dandelions if you like.


6. Spring bulbs
 Could anyone imagine a spring garden without tulips, daffodils or crocuses? Me neither. So plant those bulbs in September/October, and surprise yourself with a sea of colours in spring, when all other plants are still asleep.



7. Phlox
 Is there any flower more connected to summer than phlox? To me it's the ultimate summer flower. When the phloxes are blooming, it's truly summer. They come in many colours so they fit in any garden. And they're easy plants, too. Plant them once and clip off the old branches at the end of winter or early spring, they'll return every year without ever complaining.

8. Lady's Mantle
 This is a modest plant. Pale green foliage, yellowish flowers. But nevertheless, I think they belong in every garden. They bring an atmosphere of calm and peace, and no other plant is able to hold dew drops as photogenic as they do.

9. Lavender
 I used to own a garden with acid soil and no lavender was able to survive there. And all those years I felt like something essential was missing. So I'm very glad I'm able to grow lavender now. 

10. Clematis
 Better even to plant two: one that flowers early, like cl. Montana, and one flowering during early summer. Clematis brings colour on places that were previously dull, like your side of the neighbour's fence, a boring shrub, a bare wall.

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  1. Bedankt voor deze handige opsomming!
    Phloxen ontbreken in mijn tuin, daar zal ik in het voorjaar een plekje voor zoeken.