vrijdag 13 januari 2017

Serious snow

Last night we had snow again. And a lot more than expected!

The garden, of course, looked like a fairytale.
Until I took a closer look...
This thuja really suffered from the weight!
And so did my standard rose Leonardo da Vinci
I hope it's only fallen and not broken. We'll have to wait till spring to be sure.

After breakfast the sun came out and we went for a walk around our village.

No matter which season, the view from the hill is always beautiful

A snowy road in our village

This huge branch had broken off a tree onto the road. Fortunately the warning sign was already present.

View from the woods on the snowy fields
And after the walk I took some more photos in the garden, because we never know how long the snow will last! (Although a longer period of freezing cold is predicted!)

Yes it was quite a bit of snow

Pouf's paws disappeared in the thick layer of snow
Look at that pansie

What a brave little flower!

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