maandag 2 januari 2017

Welcome January

Since my blog has more and more readers from around the globe, I decided to write in English from now on.
There's still the translate button on the right though, for those who prefer to read in their native language.

This morning I woke up in a white world. I could already tell by the muted sounds from outside and I was delighted when I opened the curtains.
I really love snow, it's pretty and soft and there are thousands of diamonds when the sun shines over a snow covered lawn.

I hadn't even had breakfast yet when I went outside to take some photos, because the temperature was already rising and I had to be quick to capture some of the beauty.


I love my garden covered in snow

Snow and blue sky

I love when the sun shines on fresh snow

The path

My nameless rose, still trying to produce flowers.

And Pierre de Ronsard (Eden Rose) as well.

Art by nature

My daughter made a snow cat, which was thoroughly checked by Felix the neighbouring cat.

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