zondag 8 januari 2017

A walk in the snowy woods

Yesterday we woke up in a white world and we decided to go for a walk. I can't stay inside when there's snow, I just have to go out!

We went to Singraven Manor Estate (as we do more often).

One of the lovely houses on the estate

Even the barn is beautiful

This one a bit less though!

Poor birds, they had a hard time finding food

The Dinkel river meanders through the domain

A snowy path in the woods

Another lovely house on the estate

Although the majority of the snow had fallen during the night, there was still some drizzle-like snow during the day, which made the photos a bit hazy and the walk a bit uncomfortable, but we knew there'd be a restaurant halfway, at the mill pond, so we were looking forward to a well deserved warm drink and maybe some local specialities to eat.

The manor as seen from the gateway.
 But we should have known... most restaurants are closed around Christmas and New Year. And so was this one. Suddenly the cold felt more intense, the walk back seemed much longer. That was a bit of a disappointment after such a lovely walk.

Still a Christmas atmosphere at the manor, a wonderful sight with the snow
Fortunately the manor estate is not too far from where we live and we made tea and hot chocolate as soon as we got home.

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